Our concept : 100% self-financing

With our concept, you don't have to worry about anything from start to finish.

  • With the help of our network, we find you one or several properties in premium locations (hyper center).
  • We negotiate the best rates, and we optimize your properties according to their characteristics (division into several lots, creation of mezzanine…).
  • We manage all the renovation, fitting out and decoration work.
  • We take care of all the administrative procedures with the co-ownerships and the town planning.
  • We negotiate with our partner banks the best financial package for your operations.
  • Our concept : 100% self-financing

Short, medium and long term rentals!

Our accommodation is intended for various profiles:

  • students in training for one or more months,
  • employees of large companies in professional transfer,
  • expatriates,
  • families forced to find accommodation between the sale and purchase of a home or during construction,
  • digital nomad workers
  • young divorcees…

Our different management methods allow us to offer you an above-average return. This allows you to combine a high-end patrimonial investment with a strong profitability.

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... and of course we manage your property all year round to optimize its profitability

A 100% self-financed investment

Our clear and announced objective is to allow you a 100% self-financed investment (Real estate credit / Charges and co-ownership fees / Land tax / Management fees…) with an extremely soft taxation. The LMNP status will allow you for several years not to pay property tax. The deficit can be carried forward for 9 years: notary fees, works, loan interests, charges…

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